Why should you hire a highly paid writer?

“Writers are overpaid!”

I demand they should be paid even more. When I hear someone say writers are overpaid, I want to scream out loud “PAY THEM EVEN MORE.” You know why:

1. They are the ones who give life to your ideas

2. They are bridging you and your customers

3. They become the face of your company while writing as a third party.

4. Your brand values are dependent on their writing

5. They are multifaceted skilled professionals

All of this aside, do you know what’s the state of writers in this country?

Least paid freelancers!

Underpaid full time writers!

Freelancers are having a pathetic time, my first pay for an article as a freelancer was 0.20 ppw, in 2014 btw. After years of writing and been in this industry, I understand even today fresher writers are paid the same 0.2 ppw.

Pathetic! They have family too. Freelancing doesn’t mean doing it for free. It means they are independent writers. Just like any other independent service provider, they need to be paid well.

So, you may ask why this post now. It’s because  everyday when I wake up, I think of a writer who is deciding to quit and begin freelancing.

There is a huge demand for writers and every day new positions open for recruitment. Writing is not only content marketing, it includes:

1. Technical Writing

2. API documentation

3. Copy writing

4. Ghost Writing

5. Ebook Publishing

6. Instructional Designing

7. Content Marketing

8. Medical Writing

9. Finance Writing

10. Resume writing

11. Script writing

12. Story writing

13. Poetry

14. Journal article

15. News writing

And many new positions open. These are all different writings and they serve different purposes. A content marketer is different from a techinical writer and a medical writers may not be a skilled script writer.

I have been voicing out for so many things lately in different media. It’s time I raise my voice for my own #writerscommunity. #writersofindia deserve better.

When #readerscommunity  is happy, #writerslife deserves to be happy too.

Besides, the following are the benefits of having a better paid writer:

1. They are well experienced

2. Most of the time they are published writers

3. Brand credibility increases when a known figure is involved

4. Good writers are good content strategist

5. They will promote your brand rightly. Not too much and not too low.

So the next time when you negotiate with a writer, remember you are negotiating your brand values.

Love ❤️

Divya Priyadharshini Mohan

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