Divya Priyadharshini Mohan

An aspiring author and an electrical engineer who is passionate about reading and writing.

Divya is a doctorate in Electrical Engineering who loves writing!

Ms. Divya Priyadharshini Mohan is a research scholar in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a specialization in Electric Drives and Embedded Control. She is a researcher with interests in the Internet of Things and Hybrid Renewable systems. Her past research publications are in the areas of Internet of Things, AC-DC-AC converters, DC-DC boost converter for low-cost wind turbines and guided undergraduate project students in the areas of location notification using GPS, RFID tracked traffic signals, steam less paper manufacturing. She also has worked in signals and systems. Her current research interests include standalone hybrid renewable systems’ security and control.

She is a passionate reader and has authored a few short stories, essays, and a novel. Her leisure times are filled with books, music, and blogs. She has been blogging for 7 years and freelance as a technical writer cum blogger many businesses in the fields of services, manufacturing, and education.

Educational Background

Ph. D. (Faculty of Electrical Engineering)     


M.E. (Electrical Drives and Embedded Control)

Past Experiences

A career as a Power Electronics Design Engineer

(2019- present)

Her interests in electronic hardware design added a new dimension to her career in power electronic drive designer. She is an impeccable design engineer who has contributed to Versa Drives Private Limited, Coimbatore.

A career as an Assistant Professor
She has received a grant from ICMR to conduct National Level Seminar and Workshops. She has guided students for various national level competitions like SIH, Zero Carbon Challenge, Accenture Innovation and other technical conferences & symposiums pan India. An enthusiastic teacher who runs a club to bring out young talents in SKCT to the spotlight. She has produced various public speakers, stands up comedians, authors and poets through Oratory Club of SKCT. Her achievements include producing zero arrear classes consecutively for 3 years in various electrical engineering courses.

A career as a Writer
(2012-until present)
She has worked in many electrical drives projects and currently writing technical documents like datasheets, user guides, newsletters, social media posts, amazon descriptions, reviews, white papers, blogs and manuals for electrical drives, BLDC motors and firmware algorithms. Apart from writing, she is also actively engaged in training activities in the firm.

Writing is another passion for her that created another career path when she was a student. She has authored blogs, video scripts, reviews, menus, website content, quora answers, fact sheets, manuals, essays, thesis, and technical notes. She is also a ghostwriter for a few prominent business leaders. Some of her expertise lies in the areas of:

  1. Creative writing
  2. Copy Writing
  3. Proofreading
  4. Video Script Writing
  5. Travel  blogs
  6. Food blogs
  7. Thesis Writing

And anything you can name it. “Passion leads my pen” is her favorite tag line.

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